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Do you have a cat channel with followers?  Or, are you a customer that has purchased a product and would like to make money with your cat?  We'd love to team up with you!

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About Our Affiliate Program

Welcome to the YourCatNeeds Affiliate Program, the premier destination for feline enthusiasts and savvy affiliates alike! We take pride in being the #1 Cat Affiliate program, boasting an extensive network of over 400 dedicated cat-loving affiliates.

What sets us apart? We're not just the best; we're unique. With daily payouts, we provide unparalleled financial flexibility to our partners. Moreover, our vast inventory of cat-related products and a wide array of creative marketing materials empower our affiliates to effectively promote and profit. As a testament to our commitment, we offer a 2 Tier affiliate program, granting you a generous 40% commission on your own sales and an additional 10% commission on sales generated by your referrals. Join us today, and let's grow together in the world of cat aficionados and affiliate marketing excellence!

How It Works



Use our videos and creatives to advertise our cat products to your audience on your social media channels, blog, website or search engines. 



Our system will track the sales and your referrals and compensate you for advertising the offer on a performance basis. 



As long as you meet a minimum commission of $20, we will pay you daily! 

Commission Calculation

If you only had one sale per day and you had one referral partner that generated one sale per day, you would earn $360 per month in commissions. 
We have several affiliates making 10-50x more than that when their videos go viral!

Your Own Sales 40% Commission
Daily Conversions Daily Income Monthly Income
1 $16 $480
5 $80 $2400
10 $160 $4800
50 $800 $24000
100 $1600 $48000
1 Referral Partner 10% Commission
Daily Conversions Daily Income Monthly Income
1 $4 $120
5 $20 $600
10 $40 $1200
50 $200 $6000
100 $400 $12000

Frequently Asked Questions


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Signing up for our affiliate program is easier than getting a cat to chase a mouse.  So what are you waiting for?